"The blue-eyed Jewish-Irish Mohican scout who died in your arms at the roulette table at Monte Carlo."

catalinaray asks: Please come back to Providence to hang out with meeee!!! I want to go to flea markets and thrift stores with you!!


catalinaray asks: I want to know if you'll teach me how to be as cool as you. Do you offer lessons? Does the course require a textbook?

you are actually seriously my favorite person ever

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Not a care in the world!

How darkly the dark hand met his end
He was withered and bony, exposed for a phoney
But we heed the last words that he penned
Haste to disgrace the traitor, do not wait til later

I don’t think that you’ve got to pretend
I see God in birds and Satan in long words
But I know what you need in a friend
So now when I leave you, I hope I won’t see you

reflektionofareflection asks: I'm from Albany! PS your blog is amazing! You have great taste!

Oh nice! I have a couple of friends from albany who missed out on the tickets before saturday sold out..but I’m so excited. Maybe i’ll see ya there! 

And thank you!! same to you!

reflektionofareflection asks: That's still cool though! The lineup is amazing for that day and I cannot wait.

oh same! where are you from?

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart

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reflektionofareflection asks: Are you going both days to Basilica SoundScape?

No, I only bought the saturday pass this year :(